TICA 台北原住民當代藝術中心 誠美社會企業

TICA Art Gallery 台北原住民當代藝術中心於2016年3月,由誠美社會企業贊助成立,旨在提供原住民藝術創作者一個都會型的當代專業畫廊展覽空間,藉由專業論述方式,讓原住民藝術家有更自主性的表述空間。未來將致力於協助整合全省原住民藝術工作者,提供專業視覺藝術產業相關產業知識、行銷等育成方面的教育課程、工作坊。 誠美社會企業股份有限公司(CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture)於中華民國104年,由誠美建築團隊創辦人邀集幾位具有相同理念的企業負責人共同發起。


誠美社會企業以推廣藝術、扶植創業及就業為宗旨,協助對象為原住民當代藝術創作者;透過良善企業團隊的支持,協力整合產官學在藝術產業方面的能量,擬長期戮力於協助原住民當代藝術之國內外推廣。另外也願意協助弱勢族群之創業青年、身心障礙藝術及工藝創作者之國內外推廣;成立TICA Art Gallery 即希望能使其成為原住民專屬的當代藝術空間,成為都會與部落的藝術交流平台,使原民藝術更充分地活躍於台灣主流藝術產業,除了永續建構原住民族的文化傳承,更期許能將這些擁有深層文化內涵及獨特性的原住民藝術,推向國際。

About TICA, CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture was founded in August 2015. The founder of CHEN-MEI Architect Group invited friends with the same vision to initiate the new business. CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture sponsored establishing TICA Art Gallery in early 2016, we aim to provide aboriginal artists a professional contemporary art space in the metropolis, as well as more freedom to express themselves and participate in professional discussion. Furthermore, we are devoted to assist in integrating the countrywide aboriginal artists and designers by providing professional education courses and workshops about industrial knowledge, cultivating marketing of visual arts.

Original founders have devoted their passions to aboriginal cultures, social minorities and art & culture groups for a long time. Recently they started to think how to support long-term base instead of one-time projects, no matter in founding or professional techniques. To build a professional and empowering institution came to their mind. Through long-term partnership, potential exploration, profession cultivation and start-up investment, they wish to help talented people by using a “people help those who help themselves” model. Groups (or individuals) who receive support from CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture can share their experiences and join the mentor group in the future to help up coming generations as a return to society. Let the power and warmth lead to a regular positive cycle.

The main vision of CHEN-MEI Arts & Culture is to promote and support start-ups in Contemporary Aboriginal Art. Through support from a nice business group, we hope to integrate the powers of industry, government and academy, thus to promote contemporary aboriginal art internationally. Meanwhile, we also want to develop the visibility of social minority start-ups and handicapped artists domestically and internationally. TICA Art Gallery plans to be an art space exclusively for aboriginal art and to be an artist platform between the metropolis and tribe. As a result from this, aboriginal art can be more competitive in Taiwan’s mainstream art market. Besides constructing a sustainable aboriginal culture legacy our ultimate goal is to promote the deeply cultivated and unique aboriginal art to the world.