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Eval Malinjinnan



簡介 個人簡介



About Eval Malinjinnan

Eval Malinjinnan is a Taiwanese indigenous artist living in Australia.

During a snowy February, Eval Malinjinnan was born to the seventh child of a missing Bunun Shaman; she is a posthumous child. Even though Eval’s father passing her by, the two years in the community has embedded the divine essence in her.     
From the remote village to the convoluted outside world of reality, she went through her step-father’s sudden stroke, depressed mother, endless house chores, abusive language among sisters and alcoholic brothers’ domestic violence, and on-going discriminatory environment, all together pushing her out of her motherland where she went into exile and learnt to speak different languages.
Under the intrusion of colonialism along with utilitarianism and capitalism, this kind of scenario is a contagious plague pervading in the most Indigenous families. That they have been remorseful for the disconnection of their motherland and their core beliefs. Love can strengthen hearts, however for the uprooted and colonized peoples, to get fed is the priority. We need to prevail against helpless, rage, sorrow, uneasiness and doubt to survive in the edge of oblivion.   
Luckily time can appease a traumatic past. Leading to the realization of seeing all predicaments as a sacred path by the mental eye, to articulate the mutual intergenerational trauma across the globe caused by cultural hegemony in the language within physical experiences. In addition to be aware of the value of humanity and the power of language. Accordingly, returning to the once discarded matrix is the only way to comprehend the meaning of life.

Formal Education

1987 National Taipei College of Business Graduate

1992 Tokyo Foreign Language College Graduate

1994 Tokyo MUSASHINO Design College

2010 TAFE ASP Australia Graduate

2011 Egyptian Mystical University online study

2015 Australia Nan Tien Institute Graduate in Applied Buddhist Studies

2017 Australia University of New England, Bachelor of Arts class


2016 Taiwan Pulima Art Award

2010 Freelance Prose Award  

2009 Freelance Prose Award

2005 Taiwan Indigenous Industry CI design Silver Award

2002 Taiwan Indigenous Prose Award 



Co-author of the Children book: Granny Ibu’s magic beans


The ART of the WOMAN book launch press conference


AIPP UN Prep-meeting in Ma’sia

Co-host of Tai-tung Haiduan Township New Year Eve Concert

Zong-yuan University Lecture of Handicraft Class

Ketagelan Culture Centre-Lecture of Handicraft Class

Taiwanese Indigenous Employment Development-Lecture

Taiwan Employment Association-Instructor

The 2nd Feminine Seminar-Lecture         
The first Taiwan Indigenous Handcraft Certification Judge 

The 3rd Indigenous Feminine Seminar Project CI designer
The 2nd Contemporary Austronesia Art Project residency artist
The 2nd Indigenous Feminine Seminar Project CI design Project

Miao-li Local Industry Mugcup Design Project
US SFIGF Moscone Gift Fair (San Francisco)
The Taipei Healthcity foreign guest hosting team 

Taiwan Public TV Studio Design Project
Eval’s Angel Book announcement 
The Bunun Legend DVD cover design


Taiwan KH museum Pulima art exhibition

TICA (Taipei Indigenous Contemporary Art ) solo exhibition.
Taipei ART exhibition

IMOW online gallery exhibition

Art Revolution Taipei
Beijing international culture and creative fair exhibition
AHAF Hong Kong exhibition
Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park Gallery solo exhibition
Shin-chu Shin-yuan Gallery Gallery solo exhibition
Sunrise Department Store Display-window Display
Taipei Tamshui Chi-ji Gallery solo exhibition
Taipei Jou-chon-Ge Gallery solo exhibition
Taipei Mediterranean Sea Gallery solo exhibition
National Chengchi University Gallery solo exhibition
Taitung Bunun Foundation Gallery solo exhibition